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 Our Restorative Metal Shield Films 

 Give New Life To Used And Abused Metal Surfaces

 Stainless Steel Is The Metal Of Choice As A Building Material Because It Is Resistant To Rust & Corrosion, However It Is Easily Damaged By Anything Abrasive. This Makes It Susceptible To Daily Wear And Vandals Alike. Simple Tools Like a Knife, Screwdriver Or Even Car Keys Can Cause Extensive Damage With Minimal Effort. Also, Stainless Steel Can Be A Pain To Keep Clean As Smudges And Smears Are Difficult To Remove. 

Stainless Steel Is Pre-finished  With Large Format Machinery That Gives It A Polished Grained Appearance. Repairing Damage By Hand Has Been Impossible To Achieve Until Now. Restorative Metal Shield Film Was Designed To Solve These Common Problems With Stainless Steel In General Public Environments.

 Our Metal Shield Restorative And Protective Film Resists Abrasion, Is Easily Cleaned And Can Be Replaced If Damaged. Give Your Stainless Steel A Fresh Like New Look!

 Let Our Trained Staff At Solar Reflections Help You Restore Stainless Steel In Your Elevators, Escalators Or Wherever Stainless Steel Is Used.

Are Your Mirrors Reflecting Your Best Image?

We Can Restore Existing Mirrors!

Corrosion and Graffiti can be a big problem in public and private restrooms. Traditionally the only solution was to replace the mirror until now.

Our Mirror shield overlay films can protect and or restore mirrors from these less that desirable conditions and make them look brand new for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Additionally Mirror Shield is also a green alternative to replacing the actual mirror. Instead of throwing the mirror away and having it sit in a land fill, you’re simply covering the surface to make it “like new” again.

 Our Metal and Mirror Shield are the perfect products to add to your preventive maintenance schedule.

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 Our Metal Shield is a thick Anti-Graffiti abatement and obscuring film that is applied on existing metal surfaces to replicate the original surface appearance. It is available in Stainless Steel and Brushed Aluminum finishes.


Before Metal shield

After Metal shield

Mirror Shield is the perfect mirror overlay film that makes any mirror look brand new. Mirror Shield covers existing vandalized mirrors or highly polished stainless steel perfectly.

Bring new life to old dull finishes!

With Our Restorative Films You Can Create A Brand New Look!

Traditional And Unsightly Building Surfaces Or Structures Can Be Changed

To Blend Into Its Surroundings!


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