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Glass Is The Week Link In Controlled Entrances

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 Our security glass system is the ONLY scientifically tested and commercially proven nanotechnology system to dramatically increase the strength, safety and protection levels of glass and window film products in occurrences of severe storms, bomb blast, forced entry and ballistic threat environments. 
We have the most technologically advanced security film system available for glass.
 Rice University and NanoRidge Materials Inc., both independent research laboratories in Houston, Texas, in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM C-1499). Our security glass system has been certified to significantly increase the strength properties of glass.

 Stork Laboratories, an independent certified research laboratory in Woburn, MA in accordance with Consumer Product & Safety Commission (CPSC 1201.4 Impact Test). Our Security Glass System has been validated to protect against forced entry.

Severe Weather

 Miami-Dade Hurricane Testing Center, one of only two approved facilities for Hurricane testing in the United States, in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials. Our security glass system has been validated to increase safety and protection levels in the event of severe windstorms.


 ABS Consulting, an independent certified research laboratory in San Antonio, Texas, in accordance with U.S General Services Administration (ASTM F1642-04) and U.S General Services Administration (GSA TS01-2003). Our Security Glass System has been validated to protect against the effects of improvised explosive devices.


H.P White Laboratories, an independent certified research laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland in accordance with National Institute of Justice (NIJ-STD-Level IIA). Our Security Glass System has been validated to protect against 9mm and .357 Magnum caliber munitions.



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It Can Be A Dangerous World!

With Today's Growing Architecture Glass Surrounds Us! Where We Live! Where We Work! Where We Learn! Where WE Worship!  In A Perfect World Glass Would Protect Us From All Threats But It Falls Short When Its Confronted With High Stress Situations On Its Own.  Lets Face...

Why Our Products Are The Best

Not all window films are created equal. Our Huper Optik Films: Are the 1st patented nano-ceramic window film Have 3X more infrared rejection Are 4X less reflective Are 13 degrees Celsius (55 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler are 25X more durable than other films  ...

Things To Consider When Hiring A Window Tinting Company

From just a few panes to a few hundred. When considering a window tinting company to hire a few things are at the top of the list. Not necessarily in this order as most are equally important Does the company have a license? Insurance? A reputable company will have all...


Huper Optik Select Series film "The Most Durable Best Preforming Non-Reflective Window Tinting In The World   Elegant Views, Increased Comfort, Lower Utility Bills And State Of The Art Fade Protection Makes it The Best Choice Window Tinting of Architects, Designers...

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